About the Human

I’m Holly (Holls, H, Little Holly, they all work). I like mares and mascara, among other things (I also ride a gelding right now, but shhh).

Auburn University/University of North Carolina alumna (War Eagle, Go Heels), New Mexican by birth, Hoosier by (current) address, former AQHA/APHA competitor, amateur eventer. College football fan. Jack Russell mom. Emergency medicine project manager. Perpetual sale hunter. Expensive candle burner, not-expensive champagne drinker. Boots perpetually unzipped, expert level at losing crops. Good at leaning so far left I fall off.

Formerly blogged @heyheyholls, back with version 2.0. Jumping into the world of eventing (probably with a bad distance) on my lease horse, a saintly kind giant who just rolls his eyes at me. Doing it all with champagne taste on a tap water budget.